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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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three and half years after up pipeline exploded the u.s. attorney has finally filed an indictment. more on this story later. p-g and e may finally be held accountable for the 2010 san bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people. what the state's attorney says the agency did and didn't do that could cost p-g and e millions of dollars. kron-4's grant lodes read through the indictment and has more on what p-g and e is accused of. it's being described by state attorney general kamala harris as an important step to hold p-g and e accountable for the 2010
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pipeline explsoion that killed eight people and injured 58 others. the indictment filed today charges p-g and e with 12 felonies, accusing the company of violating several federal according to the indictment, the agency willfully used false and incomplete information while checking the safety of the pipeline that eventually ruptured and destroyed 38 homes in san bruno. the indictment specifically looks at three different lines that were trouble spots -- one of which is said to be the highest risk of all. in 2011, investigators with the national transportation safety board learned p-g and e's use of the false information is what led to the explosion. a conviction on all 12 counts could cost the agency six million dollars. no person within the agency is named in the indictment, and while this is a criminal case, we don't know whether any person could go to jail if, indeed, p- and e is found guilty. p-g and e released a statement tonight regarding the 12-count indictment. the agency expresses its regret about the incident. and all who were affected by it. san bruno was a tragic accident. we take accountability and are truly sorry. regardless of the legal steps we want our customers to know that nothing will detract us from making sure
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our service is the safest and most reliable service in the country. p-g- and- e says it continues to make strides in the aftermath of the explosion. the agency recently opened the new gas control center in san ramon. and is also attempting to repair pipelines currently at risk. one person is dead and four others in the hospital. after a fatal fire near the cow palace. it happened close to 5:30 near 25- castillo street. and reports say, the fire was so intense, one person was forced to jump to safety. kron-4's jeff bush has been on this story since this afternoon, and has more. firefighters from multiple agencies responded to this house on castillo street just before 5:30a second alarm was called. the house was fully engulfed in flames and a man was lying on the ground in front of the house. he jumped from the second story window to escape the fire. edson pineda lives on the block and came out of his house right after the man jumped.
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edson pineda he did not have a way to get out he. he just jumped. it was crazy to see him laying on the ground with a blood. it was crazy you don't expect this in your neighborhood.neighbor firefighters had a lot to deal with. assistant chief tom siragusa we had a combined responsibility to deal with the fire attack and with the medical responsibility to deal with the people in the building. in all one person is dead and five people were transported to various hospitals. two of those who were transported are listed in critical conditionthe other three suffered moderate injuries. edson says he thought his neighbor was dead. he was not moving. i thought he passed away but when they put him on the bed he was moving. everything was alright so, i hope he gets better. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the red cross is on scene to help those who are displaced. i'm jeff bush in san francisco, kron four news. it was only 24- hours ago, when
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a tree in berkeley practically exploded because of lightning. it turns out. lightning apparently wasn't just a problem for trees. kron-4's justine waldman found out an east bay woman is lucky to be alive, after she says she was hit by lightning during last night's storm. sot even this morning when i got up i was leary about going outside emily davis is counting her lucky stars. during monday's storm, she was walking by berkeley bowl on stuart and adeline streets around 1 in the afternoon. when sot it looked like someone took my picture big flash and i was holding my umbrella because there was a downpour going on saw orb of light come down the umbrella handle and then i heard huge noise and it sounded like a bomb went off and it sho the windows something shocking came from the skywith her heart pounding, emily couldn't believe what happened and dropped her cup of coffee. sot i had to put it down bc my hand was shaking couldn't stop for 5 minutes
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glad her umbrella made of plastic and she wasn't wearing any metal. umbrella sot i felt a little bit of a shok like when walking across the carpet she wasn't hurt and didn't go to the doctor until today because she tells me she still has a metallic taste her in mouth. sot my teeth on the side where i got struk have pain in them and no superpowers either sot my 16 year old cousin asked have you tried running maybe you are the flash now! emily thinks one of the branches from the bolt is what actually hit herpossibly saving her life. sot since i didn't get fried it makes sense to me that it was a smaller one and not the main event in an odd twistemily's father told her her great, great, great grandfather died after being hit by a lightning bolt. sot i got a lottery ticket in my pocket right now su according to the national weather service, the chance of
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being hit by lightning in a given year are 1 in a million justine waldman kron 4 news. we are still dealing with a few showers. storm tracker is showing showers in the bay area and down to the south. down in the peninsula we see a light rain but it is a little bit heavier there. down south we also see some heavy rain. even al lightning strike and plenty of rain down to the south off the coastal waters.
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more about your morning commute in a bit. new at 11. a snowboarder from san francisco -- who went missing in the treacherous back country of the sierra -- has been found alive. according to reports tonight out of sacramento, 26- year- old abraham finkelstein vanished yesterday in terrain that included step hillsides near the eight -thousand foot elevation mark. about 7 this evening -- finkelstein found a house with a family at dinner. miles away from where he went missing. he was with his dad yesterday. when they were the back-country north of donner pass and boreal ski resort in near white out conditions. his dad is also safe. the sun is now at a hospital being treated for hypothermia. an update on that earthquake in chile. word tonight five people
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are dead and close to 80- thousnad people have been evacuated due to an eight- point- two magnitude earthquake that hit a town on the northern coast of chile. officials say, several people have been seriously injured. and three- hundred inmates escaped from a women's prison in the town of ih-key-kay. chile's military sent a plane load of special forces to guard against looting in the area. there have been several reports of aftershocks registering above a magnitude- five. continuing our team coverage tonight. [doorbell rings]
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a rash of shootings in san jose.
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police are trying to figure out why it's happening six shootings over the last few days, including a number of drive-by shootings. two people were injured and police are investigating, but do not have any suspects. none of the victim injuries is considered life- threatening. police are working to determine whether any or all of the shootings are related. [doorbell rings]
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oakland police are beefing up patrols after a third child is assaulted near a school. we have the latest. another one of the key players in the f-b-i sting that snared suspended state senator leland yee. was back in court today. political consultant keith jackson is accused of facilitating a murder for hire, as well as various drug and firearm allegations. but as kron 4's dan kerman reports. his attorney says, his client is innocent and he is questioning f-b-i tactics. prosecutors alleged jackson solicited drugs from an undercover.. he conspired to this cell on approved fire arms .
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murder for hire. sot jim brosnahan/keith jackson?s attorney 20-30 jackson?s attorney jim brosnahan says the crimes are in the minds of undercover fbi agents. he says jackson is innocent and he questioned the fbi tactics that snared his client sot professor 53-103 former federal prosecutor and uc hasting law professor rory little says not only is trolling is not a defense? but neither is the fact that guns weren?t transferred or no one was murdered. you are permitted to do an undercover investigation. if someone attempts to set up a crime with an undercover agent is still permitted to be prosecuted.
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that said little cautions just because something is prosecuted doesn?t mean jury will convict. 26 people are named in the complaint. one of the key figures -- a step-up in patrols. after oakland police say, a man lured a six-year-old girl away from an elementary school. and then sexually assaulted her. the school district says, it happened as the child was waiting to be picked up by her parents friday afternoon. at bella vista elementary school. school was not in session monday due to the state holiday as a result, parents were not notified for days. police say, this is the third oakland elementary school student sexually assaulted on. or near school grounds since january in addition to extra police
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patrols after school. the school district says, more security measures are being put in place the man in this most recent case was driving a silver s-u-v he is described as hispanic. wearing black shorts. with a tattoo of a horse face. on his leg state officials say this snow pack is that only 32 percent of normal while it said the at its peak. measurements indicate there will be no relief on this dry year. this indicates a challenging summer for farmers and rich water restrictions on communities. all of this snow remeasured now came up mostly last night. that shows the difference between a good water year and a bad water year.
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officials say recent storms have helped boost the water stores but have not done enough to. release to. you can see spotty showers filling in between the core of the system. we will be getting a few of these spotty showers in the next few hours. in the near future most activity will be offshore. after midnight we will see more spotty showers. the morning commute will show the rain dying down.
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by 6:00 a.m. we will see things are mostly dry with clearing skies. by eight or nine it will be mostly sunny with no more showers. the temperatures tomorrow are out the door. with spotty clouds and clearing chilly temperatures will dissipates. into the afternoon temperatures will get back to the low 60s except for maybe near the coastline. still light snow in the sierras. heavier snow down to the south. we are expecting this to continue into the morning. thursday is also dry but friday will show a storm bringing snow
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in the morning. watch the forecast for a few isolated showers tomorrow but mostly dry on thursday and into friday. this weekend things will be dried and much warmer. even warmer into the beginning of next week.
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warriors mavericks former warriors monta ellis now
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plays for dallas 4th quarter, mavs up 1, 1:15 left ellis - the pull up jumper from 19 puts mavs up 3 108-105 dal ellis: 27 points, 6 assists mavs up 3, 1:00 min left klay thompson - catch and shoot 3-pointersplash! 108-108 tie klay: 27 points overtime tied at 108 dirk nowitzki - 3-pointer from the top of the key 115-111 dal dirk: 33 points, 11 rebs :28 seconds leftdubs down 2 o'neal: 20 points, 8 rebs the game tied same possession - no timeout.stephen curry step back deep 2 for the win!! curry: 23 points, 10 assists mark jackson wins on his 49th birthday final: 122-120 warriors 9th top 1st/ 1-0 giants brandon belt 3-run home run off wade miley 4-0 giants bottom 4th the giants have already used their one challenge unsuccessfully a.j. pollock on the pased ball giants but replays show he was clearly out but because the giants were
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nothing bottom 6th/ 4-4 tie gerardo parra fly ball to left pollock tags at 3rd juan perez throws home but pollock just beats the tag by buster posey 5-4 d'backs battered bochy final: 5-4 d'backs tim hudson makes his giants debut tomorrow the a's were rained out tonight but will play a double header
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tomorrow. my status is great. i am improving every day and. i feel great and i'm walking. that's the first day-step-. i am glad to be walking. the doctors say i am ahead of schedule. he is now a washington. washington they have agreed on a three-year contract. the eagle'' lead some information about some gang activity. but they did not want a pay him for his expensive contract so now washington has. pick has. --pick him up.
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that's it for the kron 4 news at and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our we'll see you tomorrow morning!
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oprah versus her stepmom. >> then the baseball fan that plummeted to his death. >> someone fell out of the stands. >> are people trashing a monument in his honor. >> and danger zone. her dog hanging by the leash inside the elevator. what this dog owner wants everyone to know. plus, the zack factor. did this spoof push obama care over the top. >> he definitely saw that pump. >> then, is this really the holy grail. >> they have found the holy grail. >> the cup that jesus cup drank from at the


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